Introducing the madness

Having a blog is always a personal thing. It doesn’t really matter what exactly you’re going to write about, there’s a part of you that you are showing the world and you are afraid of how they’re going to judge you.

That is why, in my opinion, people find it easier to be the anonymous person behind the screen, spitting out nonsense as they go. Yes, I understand the hipocrisy of it all. I am after all doing just the same thing.

However, I believe this to be the best way to actually be yourself. When they’re┬ánot afraid of the consequences, people just let go of insecurities and are genuine.

This is a lifestyle journal. A poor lifestyle author, true, since I eat more carbs than I should, and the only exercise I know is going up/down (mostly down) the stairs when the lift is broken.

The lifestyle I want to explore, however, revolves around words, and all they create. Books, plays, movies, quotes, writing, communication. Anything that allows people to tell their stories, and the stories of their dreams.

So, as many before me, that’s what I want this blog to be: a lifestyle journal about creativity.

How hard can it be, right? This is only the thing most people fail at – being creative. Take me for example: years and years of reading about writing, but never really writing. One of those procrastinators that never quite finds the time to just go for it.

Not saying that I’m going for it now, but it’s certainly an improvement.

Also, I’m probably just going to be a smart-ass. Sorry ’bout that in advance.


Be happily insane