#2. Five-year plan

by AfterPayingSaintsAndCops

Being creative is a state of the mind. It doesn’t mean you have to be in a specific mood – happy, sad, depressed, angry -, it just means your mind, whatever the emotion you’re feeling, has to be ready to channel it into something.

Lately, my mind has not been in a state to channel anything anywhere. Unless, of course, the thousand new ways to eat chocolate I have been working on. Which I don’t think it’s quite the same thing.

I have decided that it is time for a change. One can only go so far with discontent in their hearts, and unfulfilled dreams pushing them down into the abyss every waking hour.

After extensive thought (which translates into a quick internet research, obviously), I have decided to try and commit to a five year plan. Let me explain my current situation a little.

I’m currently 25 years-old. I still live on my parents’ income, although I have a degree and a masters in law. I’ve had that degree ever since I was 21, the masters’ since my 23rd birthday.

For the past two years and a half I have been doing the mandatory internship in order to become a lawyer. It’s an unpaid internship, where I work eight to ten hours a day, without any other benefit besides being able to apply for the bar exam.

Hopefully, I will finally become a full fledged lawyer by July/2017 (September in the worst case scenario). After I do become a lawyer, I will have other expenses associated with such profession, which means my expenses will have an increase of  around 90 to 160 Euros a month, and I will probably still have no income of my own, or a very low one. This, of course, worries me, as I wish to be independent financially, and stop taking money from my parents.

Moreover, I am very much single (and maybe a little scorned by my last relationship), a little on the chubby side (always have been, truly), smoke more than one should ever, eat in a very unhealthy way, have the mouth of a sailor (yes. I curse. A lot), and love to sleep and daydream, which – incredibly, I know – makes me not really enjoy my days.

As such, and seeing as my life hasn’t made much sense ever since I finished my law degree – a degree that I, every now and then, deeply regret – I decided to write a five year plan. A plan that will take me swiftly to my thirty birthday. And hopefully will provide some guidance where currently there is none.

True to be told, I haven’t quite decided what I should use as a stepping stone for each year. It is quite hard to write a five year plan apparently.

I will, however, start small, since for the first year of the plan anything at all will be an improvement. So, before my 26th birthday, year one of the plan, I must:

  • Finish the bar;
  • Save up at least a 1.000 euros;
  • Join a gym;
  • Get my CPE;
  • Decide what exactly I want to do with my future (before the final bar exam. The first one I’m taking this friday);
  • Figure a better way to write this 5 year plan;
  • Get a job. Any job, as long as it pays.

That’s it. That is all I want to figure out before I’m 26.

Eventually, down the plan, I will add important things, as living by myself, getting a steady job that I like, buying a car. Maybe – just maybe – try and find a decent lad. They’re scarce apparently. Write a book. Or something.

I will start with the gym. That’s the easy one. There’s actually a very cheap one right next to my house. The house I’ve been living for over a year. But you know, social pressure and skinny girls judging my wiggly bits has always scared me away.

I’ll try and keep the plan up to date. Probably will draw a beautiful scheme with it and post it, just because I like orderly things.

Off to the gym then!


Be happily insane