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Introducing the Madness

#2. Five-year plan

Being creative is a state of the mind. It doesn’t mean you have to be in a specific mood – happy, sad, depressed, angry -, it just means your mind, whatever the emotion you’re feeling, has to be ready to channel it into something.

Lately, my mind has not been in a state to channel anything anywhere. Unless, of course, the thousand new ways to eat chocolate I have been working on. Which I don’t think it’s quite the same thing.

I have decided that it is time for a change. One can only go so far with discontent in their hearts, and unfulfilled dreams pushing them down into the abyss every waking hour.

After extensive thought (which translates into a quick internet research, obviously), I have decided to try and commit to a five year plan. Let me explain my current situation a little.

I’m currently 25 years-old. I still live on my parents’ income, although I have a degree and a masters in law. I’ve had that degree ever since I was 21, the masters’ since my 23rd birthday.

For the past two years and a half I have been doing the mandatory internship in order to become a lawyer. It’s an unpaid internship, where I work eight to ten hours a day, without any other benefit besides being able to apply for the bar exam.

Hopefully, I will finally become a full fledged lawyer by July/2017 (September in the worst case scenario). After I do become a lawyer, I will have other expenses associated with such profession, which means my expenses will have an increase of  around 90 to 160 Euros a month, and I will probably still have no income of my own, or a very low one. This, of course, worries me, as I wish to be independent financially, and stop taking money from my parents.

Moreover, I am very much single (and maybe a little scorned by my last relationship), a little on the chubby side (always have been, truly), smoke more than one should ever, eat in a very unhealthy way, have the mouth of a sailor (yes. I curse. A lot), and love to sleep and daydream, which – incredibly, I know – makes me not really enjoy my days.

As such, and seeing as my life hasn’t made much sense ever since I finished my law degree – a degree that I, every now and then, deeply regret – I decided to write a five year plan. A plan that will take me swiftly to my thirty birthday. And hopefully will provide some guidance where currently there is none.

True to be told, I haven’t quite decided what I should use as a stepping stone for each year. It is quite hard to write a five year plan apparently.

I will, however, start small, since for the first year of the plan anything at all will be an improvement. So, before my 26th birthday, year one of the plan, I must:

  • Finish the bar;
  • Save up at least a 1.000 euros;
  • Join a gym;
  • Get my CPE;
  • Decide what exactly I want to do with my future (before the final bar exam. The first one I’m taking this friday);
  • Figure a better way to write this 5 year plan;
  • Get a job. Any job, as long as it pays.

That’s it. That is all I want to figure out before I’m 26.

Eventually, down the plan, I will add important things, as living by myself, getting a steady job that I like, buying a car. Maybe – just maybe – try and find a decent lad. They’re scarce apparently. Write a book. Or something.

I will start with the gym. That’s the easy one. There’s actually a very cheap one right next to my house. The house I’ve been living for over a year. But you know, social pressure and skinny girls judging my wiggly bits has always scared me away.

I’ll try and keep the plan up to date. Probably will draw a beautiful scheme with it and post it, just because I like orderly things.

Off to the gym then!


Be happily insane



Introducing the madness

Having a blog is always a personal thing. It doesn’t really matter what exactly you’re going to write about, there’s a part of you that you are showing the world and you are afraid of how they’re going to judge you.

That is why, in my opinion, people find it easier to be the anonymous person behind the screen, spitting out nonsense as they go. Yes, I understand the hipocrisy of it all. I am after all doing just the same thing.

However, I believe this to be the best way to actually be yourself. When they’re not afraid of the consequences, people just let go of insecurities and are genuine.

This is a lifestyle journal. A poor lifestyle author, true, since I eat more carbs than I should, and the only exercise I know is going up/down (mostly down) the stairs when the lift is broken.

The lifestyle I want to explore, however, revolves around words, and all they create. Books, plays, movies, quotes, writing, communication. Anything that allows people to tell their stories, and the stories of their dreams.

So, as many before me, that’s what I want this blog to be: a lifestyle journal about creativity.

How hard can it be, right? This is only the thing most people fail at – being creative. Take me for example: years and years of reading about writing, but never really writing. One of those procrastinators that never quite finds the time to just go for it.

Not saying that I’m going for it now, but it’s certainly an improvement.

Also, I’m probably just going to be a smart-ass. Sorry ’bout that in advance.


Be happily insane

Oscar Wilde

Life is much too important a thing ever to talk seriously about it.